Find us at the Chapel Hills Mall. Upper Level.
Find us at the Chapel Hills Mall. Upper Level.
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The biggest complaint we hear is, "I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!"

Can you relate to that statement?

If so, we understand. Our stylists will work with you to determine your needs. Whether it's a new outfit altogether or maybe you need a few versatile items that will incorporate nicely into what you already have in your closet. 

Whatever your needs, what sets us apart is the exceptional service and knowledge of our stylists.  Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Our stylists don't work on commission. They work for you...the customer.
  • Our stylists tell you the honest truth. If something isn't quite right, we will be forthright and offer another option that will be more suitable for your body type or personality.
  • Jackie, our owner, shops several markets per year to ensure we present all the best products available.
  • We train our stylists to listen to our clients and help select the best possible apparel and accessories that will work together and comfortably into your wardrobe.
  • At times, we will gently encourage you to step out of your box!
  • Since we have been in business since 1987 (30 years!!), we have become experts in fit and style; working with all shapes, ages, heights, weight...and everything in between.
  • Our stylists will know what brands will be most attractive for you.
  • Training equips our stylists to show you how to create a wardrobe specific for your body and your needs. 
  • We would love to show you how to create versatility within your closet, turning a few items of clothing into multiple workable and charming outfits.

The best part...while we take appointments, it is not required. Stop by anytime for a conversation and help with all your wardrobe needs. We've got a dressing room open and waiting for you!